Emerging Women Live 2014 in NYC


Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce that registration is open for Emerging Women Live 2014! Join us for inspiration, authentic connection, and real support as you evolve into the leader you are meant to become.


Emerging Women Live is about exploring what it means to influence change in our world through a more integrated approach to leadership and business. As women seek a more conscious approach to success, we have incredible power as a tribe to reinvent our current landscape and positively shape our future – as well as the future of other women less fortunate than ourselves.


Learn more about EW Live here:

Our first event in Boulder this past October was an incredible success. Whether you attended live, or tuned in via our live stream broadcast, or you simply heard about it through friends or our website, hopefully you can feel the power of the movement we have collectively created.

In 2014 we will be in New York City, where the creative energy and connection to a more diverse population will be welcomed as we grow our tribe to reach even more women both nationally and internationally. Our speaker list is still being finalized, and if you liked last year’s line up, you will be thrilled by who we are bringing in for 2014.

While we expect our numbers to grow, we plan to keep this event intimate so we can focus on the quality of connections we will inevitably make during our experience together. It is the power of these relationships that will propel us forward in our desire to fully manifest our lives.

Join me and the rest of the Emerging Women tribe for an experience that will last far beyond the four days we spend together. Early Bird tickets are available until July 1st HERE.


Big love,



  • Mary Purdy, MS RD

    I would love to go to this amazing event, but the price is beyond what I and many others, I I would think, can afford, even with the early bird special. Are there any discounts available or scholarships? Thanks so much. I’d also love to think that this kind of event might be available to those women who may really need to hear these kinds of messages, but who come from low income backgrounds.

    • emergingwomen

      We agree! Everyone should have access to these power women and their messages of wisdom and courage. That’s why we have a FREE Livestream of the entire event available. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates about how to view the whole amazing weekend online at no cost. In addition, we accept volunteer applications – something you could consider for next year. And there is a scholarship program in the works – - the newsletter will keep you posted on that!! Thanks for reaching out, Mary. Feel free to let us know if you have any more questions! -Team EW

      • Mary Purdy, MS RD

        Wonderful! I’m already on the newsletter list and will think about volunteering in 2015. Thanks so much, – Mary