Are You Stuck in the Waiting Room? – #EmergingNow

Dear Friends,

We’ve all experienced loss, whether through trauma, adversarial conditions, or transformation in our lives. Often times we get so stunned by the transition that we become stuck in what today’s podcast guest Christina Rasmussen calls “The Waiting Room.” And while the Waiting Room is a wonderful place for processing, we don’t want to stay there too long.

DSC_1775It helps if we can remember that periods of challenge and loss are also periods of opportunity: to see the world in a way we’ve never seen it before, to re-create ourselves and our lives. That’s what Christina helps people remember through her work – that we can raise the bar of life after loss, not lower it.

I feel that women in general have been “stuck in the waiting room,” for a long time now, especially in the business world. And with events like Emerging Women Live, I want to help women take action, leave the waiting room behind, and start to re-envision the way we can live, work and thrive in this new era of feminine power. Are you on board?

We’d love for you to feel the magic of EWlive14 in person, but if you can’t make it to NYC, follow this link to sign up for the free livestream. ONE WEEK! Can’t wait.

Chantal Round Big love,

Chantal Pierrat

Founder, Emerging Women




 Listen: Second Firsts with Christina Rasmussen



>>Join Arianna Huffington, Brené Brown, Eve Ensler, Zainab Salbi, Danielle LaPorte and more brilliant and inspirational leaders at Emerging Women Live 2014 in NYC Oct 9-12th for a truly unforgettable weekend of dialogue and connection.



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Why We Leap – #EmergingNow

Dear Friends,

With just under two weeks to go before our national event in New York, you can imagine how busy and excited we are. Of course there are a lot of details and loose ends to tie up, but what is really taking up most of my attention is the inner landscape of how it feels to take big leaps and reach for the stars.

“Is there anything better than leaping?” Eve Ensler asked at EW Live 2013 last year. Well, honestly, sitting home under a cozy blanket with 5 episodes of Game of Thrones ahead of me sounds mighty fine right about now.

DSC_8624And yet I choose to leap. Why? Because this is where my emergence is taking me, and I am allowing myself to be led, no matter how much it pushes me against what I perceive to be my edge.

And I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have learned to trust in my unfoldment, that everything happening is for my expansion. I have learned to really lean on the people around me, instead of putting the pressure on myself to have it together all the time. I have learned to ask for help. I have realized that none of the spiritual principles we learn about can actually exist until we experience them in the body – that they are mere concepts until we live them.

Trust, authenticity, vulnerability, the body. Sound familiar? These big leaps I am taking are allowing me – forcing me, really – to rely on my feminine powers. And now I know more than ever how powerful these principles really are.

Most significantly during this process I have come to realize that Emerging Women is not just a business or an event. We are a network of extremely powerful women that can move mountains. This is truly a movement. A movement of self-actualizing ourselves on an individual level, but also as a collective.

One woman who has been instrumental in sending me and supporting me on my path as Emerging Women’s founder is Tami Simon. Her ability to love and listen to the people she comes in contact with, coupled with her belief that we are always, always emerging, every moment, makes her a wise mentor who is tremendously sympathetic to the fears that come along with leaping. Be sure to listen to our Grace&Fire podcast “Emerging into Being” to hear her advice for making the most of our eternal growth and evolution.

We can’t wait to feel the out-of-this-world energy as we come into being together in NYC – I am so grateful for the opportunity to dive into my bravest self while surrounded by many amazing and inspiring women. Thank you, and see you in two weeks!

Chantal Round Big love,

Chantal Pierrat

Founder, Emerging Women





 Listen: Emerging into Being with Tami Simon


Watch: Beautiful Videos from Our Connect4Change Contest Winners



Impact and Inspiration from the Women We Love


>>Like what you’re hearing? Join Arianna Huffington, Brené Brown, Eve Ensler, Zainab Salbi, Danielle LaPorte and more brilliant and inspirational leaders at Emerging Women Live 2014 in NYC Oct 9-12th for a truly unforgettable weekend of dialogue and connection.



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Watch: Our Beautiful Connect4Change Contest Winners

We are so thankful to have been able to team up with Threads Worldwide this year to create the Connect for Change Contest to send three emerging women on a life-changing trip to NYC for Emerging Women Live 2014.


The women chosen by our panel of judges stood out for their authenticity, open-heartedness, vulnerability, generosity and determination to empower themselves and others. Be sure to introduce yourself if you see them in NYC – these women are ready to ignite their gifts, and they have plenty of fire to go around!

1. Caryn Antos O’Hara – Grand Prize Winner, All-Expenses-Paid Trip to NYC and EWlive14

She is a shining example of the spirit of Emerging Women, and we are so so pleased to award her with an all-expenses paid trip to #EWlive14

Don’t let the picture of the needle scare you away - YouTube chose the most intimidating frame of the incredibly inspiring video for the thumbnail. For your daily dose of goosebumps (the good kind), watch Caryn’s winning Connect for Change video here: Continue Reading

Impact & Inspiration from the Women We Love

As we get ready for EWlive14, it’s wonderful to remember how inspired and transformed we were by the inaugural EWlive in Boulder, CO.

roseandchristineThat’s why we loved re-reading this blog post from Rose Caiola, founder of Rewire Me and Power Party New York speaker, recapping the many “a-ha” moments we experienced at that gathering. Check out the quotes and speakers that left a lasting impact on her here:

Emerging Women: 10 Women Who Rocked My Weekend.

Were you at EWlive13? Did you join us via Livestream? Add to the excitement for this year’s event by telling us who made your top 10 list in the comments below.
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Authenticity and Teams

When we are learning how to trust our inner voice, it can be hard to know how to take that out into the world, especially to work. That’s why Emerging Women loves to partner with people like Sylvia Doane Stephenson of FutureState, who knows the value of being able to bring your authentic self to work.

The Business Case for Authenticity

Sylvia Doane Stephenson

sylviaDo you ever have one of those moments when you know in your gut that something is the right fit? Those signs — whether it’s the goose bumps on your arm, chills up your spine or your quickened breath — that tell you, this is the right thing for you? 

That’s the feeling I had the moment I found a company who shared my personal and professional passions. This integration of true self and career allows me to bring my authentic leadership to work every day. I honestly feel I am the same whole person at work that I am in my personal life. As I reflect on coming onboard at Future State just over a year ago, I recall simply knowing “these are my people”. 

This feeling translates to hiring, retaining and developing strong teams. When you meet the right talent, you should get goose bumps too because quite honestly, it is about aligned energy and when that happens it is magic. By embracing and encouraging your employees’ authenticity, you and your business can reap an immense competitive advantage in both revenue results and quality of experience at work. 

Here’s the business case in action: 

Sylvia-31. Employees are the same people at work and in their personal life. For example, I am drawn to organizational change management as a consultant because at my core, I’m passionate about helping people solve their most complex business problems, developing world class leaders and simultaneously improving my community. Our company leaders agree that if something is a personal passion of our team, it should be a corporate passion as well. We track a company metric that measures the human impact our company has on people in our community through philanthropy, volunteerism and involvement in local nonprofits.

Desitiny Arts2. Being authentic creates “Magnetic Virtue” for your business. Really living the corporate and team values makes your company desirable to other companies who share similar values. You attract customers and employees who share a like-minded outlook on the world. That results in successful business development, faster recruiting, greater alignment in vision, improved productivity, deeper employee engagement and overall profitability.

2cb5bf7a-265a-11e4-a3c6-22000ab926d3-large3. Culture is shaped by every interaction. In this day and age, as transparent as the world is through social media, a company (or a person) is more visible than ever. We show up as our true selves everywhere — at the grocery store, at our volunteer work, AND at the office. Employees’ passions become part of the fabric of an organization. For example, I threw a literacy fundraiser over a recent weekend to help children in my community gain access to tools and support through a wonderful program called Super Stars Literacy. My colleagues not only supported me but actively participated in it. Many of my coworkers have a lot of interests too: one of my co-workers cares for animals at the Oakland Zoo, a model worldwide for wild animal conservation, enrichment and education. I’m impressed daily by how our Future State community enjoys life to the fullest, actively contributes to the world around them, and I am proud of our culture that supports them “living the truth of who they are”. 

4. Everything we do comes back to people.
As entrepreneurs and business leaders, we’re challenged by a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world that includes sales growth, M&A, leadership development, recruiting talent, regulatory shifts, competition and globalization. Considering the human beings first and designing with empathy for the people in the given system brings about change in the most effective way possible. When people feel their company shares their values, and demonstrates that shared value, people are more invested.

How are your values showing up as integrated in your personal life and work life? How does your business incorporate your passions into the culture? Do you know what your employees care about outside the office? We are eager to explore your experiences and learn from you all at Emerging Women Live NYC in October. Can’t wait to see you there!