Join host Chantal Pierrat, founder of Emerging Women, as she digs deep into the psyche and spirit of brilliant women achieving success through an integrated approach to leadership.

Danielle LaPorte — Living from Desire


This episode’s guest is Danielle LaPorte. Danielle LaPorte is the outspoken author of The Desire Map, The Fire Starter Sessions, and co-creator of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan.

An inspirational speaker, former think tank executive and business strategist, she writes weekly at DanielleLaPorte.com, where over a million visitors have gone for her straight-up advice — a site that’s been deemed “the best place on-line for kick-ass spirituality,” and was named one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women” by Forbes. Danielle is a featured presenter at the 2014 Emerging Women Live Conference in New York City.

“You have to want what you want with all your heart… but don’t be attached to how it shows up.”twitter-logo-ew

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Eliza Reynolds — Freeing Girls from a Culture of Perfectionism


This episode’s guest is Eliza Reynolds. Eliza is a senior at Brown University where she is studying developmental and social psychology & Gender Studies.

Eliza was a peer-counselor throughout high school and an S.O.S. trained educator for Planned Parenthood. She continued to use these skills working in Providence city schools as a sexual health educator. Eliza has recently co-authored a book titled: Mothering and Daughtering: How to Create a Deep and Enduring Relationship Through the Teen Years with her mother Sil Reynolds. Eliza was a featured presenter at the 2013 Emerging Women Live Conference in Boulder, CO.

In this episode of Grace & Fire, Eliza and I speak about:

  • Perfectionism and her battle with her inner critic
  • How perfectionism isolates us as women and how she recommends to break these walls
  • Advice for Moms to help their daughters cultivate self-acceptance of their bodies
  • A final piece of wisdom for girls who are facing their inner critics

Tune in and listen to Freeing Girls from a Culture of Perfectionism with the young and insightful: Eliza Reynolds.

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Chantal Pierrat: Welcome, Eliza!

Eliza Reynolds: Well, thank you, Chantal!

CP: Now, tell us where you are right now.

ER: I am in Providence, Rhode Island. It is drizzling outside [and] that typical New England fog that’s settling in. I’m at school at Brown University, finishing up my senior year, and I’m curled up on my couch with my candle and my mug of tea. I’m so excited to be here talking to you.

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Christine Kane — Marketing with Intention and Integrity


This episode’s guest is Christine Kane. Christine is known as the Mentor to People Who are Changing the World.

She is the president and founder of Uplevel You™, a million-dollar company committed to the growth and empowerment of entrepreneurs and creatives around the globe through teaching not only high-level cutting-edge authentic marketing and business strategies, but also transformational techniques to shift mindsets and wealth. After 15 years in a successful career as a popular songwriter and performer, Christine shifted her focus so that she could provide a deeper level of service to other creative entrepreneurs. Christine was a featured presenter at the 2013 Emerging Women Live Conference in Boulder, CO.

In this episode of Grace & Fire, Christine and I speak about:

  • Her transition from music to being a mentor/business coach
  • Treating Business like Art
  • The Power of Communicating “Your Story” and how to avoid traps when sharing it
  • Clean Selling and aligning with true intention while not letting assumptions rule
  • Imperfect action and the benefit of taking small steps

Tune in and listen to Marketing with Intention and Integrity with the Rock Star Business Woman: Christine Kane.

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Chantal Pierrat: Hello, Christine!

Christine Kane: Hey, how are you?

CP: Welcome!

CK: Well thanks for having me. [I’m] really excited.

CP: Yes, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since the event. It was so great to get to know you and to see the other side of Christine Kane, behind the curtain, which is actually the same as what I always imagined you to be.

CK: [Laughs] Well, thank you. It was just such a great event, and I’ve just been talking about it to everybody. It’s going to be huger next year than it was this year! Read More »

Jennifer Lee: The Right-Brain Business Plan

banner_podcast_ Jennifer Lee

This episode’s guest is Jennifer Lee. Jennifer is the founder of Artizen Coaching and the award-winning author of The Right-Brain Business Plan.

Her bestselling book has helped thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide grow their businesses authentically and creatively. She has more than 50 licensed facilitators who lead Right-Brain Business Plan® workshops nationally and internationally. She received her coaching certification and leadership training through the prestigious Coaches Training Institute and holds an M.A. in Communication Management from USC. Jennifer was a featured presenter at the 2013 Emerging Women Live Conference in Boulder, CO.

In this episode of Grace&Fire, Jennifer and I speak about:

  • The Right-Brain Business Plan: What it is and how it can help entrepreneurs create and realize their goals
  • The power of thinking creatively in the planning stages
  • The importance of community for the entrepreneur
  • Limiting Beliefs and how to work around them
  • The importance of self-compassion when going after big dreams

Tune in and listen to Right-Brain Business Planning with the Creative Business Leader: Jennifer Lee.

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Chantal Pierrat: Welcome, Jennifer. It’s great to have you today.

Jennifer Lee: Oh, I’m so excited to be here with you, Chantal. Thank you!

CP: Let’s dig in to the Right-Brain Business Plan. I’m actually feeling a little selfish having you all to myself since I’ve read your book and done the practices. So I’m just eager to jump into it. So why don’t you just start by telling us a little bit of the background of the concept of the Right-Brain Business Plan and then just let us know what you mean by that, too. How did you come to this? And what is the actual idea behind it? Read More »

Sera Beak — Red Hot & Holy


This episode’s guest is Sera Beak. Sera is a Harvard-trained scholar of comparative world religions who has spent years traveling the world studying spirituality.

From ‘whirling’ with Sufi dervishes to meeting the Dalai Lama on her 21st birthday; from taking the host from a Croatian Catholic mystic who had the stigmata to having life-altering visions with shamans (and everything in between). The New York Times called Sera one of the new “role models” for her generation. Sera is the author of Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic’s Love Story and The Red Book: A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark. Sera was a featured presenter at the 2013 Emerging Women Live Conference in Boulder, CO, and will speak again at Emerging Women Live 2014 in New York City.

In this episode of Grace & Fire, Sera and I speak about:

  • The Color Red

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