Elle Luna – Should vs. Must: A Daily Practice of Following Your Heart


Today my guest is Elle Luna. Elle is a designer, painter and writer. On April 8, 2013, Elle published an essay on Medium.com, “The Crossroads of Should and Must,” which quickly went viral. Within weeks, it was tweeted to over 5 million people and seen by over a quarter of a million readers. Elle extended that post into an illustrated, four color book, The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion, where she explains the importance of mistakes, of “unlearning,” of solitude, of keeping moving and of following a soul path. She’s also a featured speaker at Emerging Women Live in October in San Francisco, October 13th -16th, 2016.

In today’s episode, Elle and I spoke about:

  • Dreams: How to use them as signposts of what to go after in the “real world”
  • What Elle means by Should and Must, and how to make decisions toward Must
  • Her belief that there is a rise of spirit and emergence going on right now in the collective
  • How Must is not quite a decision, but rather… well, a must

Here is my  conversation “Should vs. Must: A Daily Practice of Following Your Heart” with the inspirational artist Elle Luna.

Dr. Tererai Trent – Dream Big


Dr. Tererai Trent is one of today’s most internationally recognized voices for quality education and women’s empowerment. Distinguished as Oprah Winfrey’s “All-Time Favorite Guest,” Dr. Trent is a scholar, humanitarian, motivational speaker, educator, author and the founder of Tererai Trent International, whose mission is to provide quality education in rural Africa.

Rooted in humble beginnings, Tererai grew up in a cattle-herding family in rural Zimbabwe. Despite facing many obstacles, she never lost sight of her dreams for an education. She could not have imagined that her steadfast determination, hard work and belief in her dreams would eventually earn her multiple degrees and a prominent global platform with world leaders and international audiences where she leads the global charge in the fight for quality education and women’s rights.

Her new picture book, The Girl Who Buried Her Dreams in a Can, is based on this incredible story of perseverance. When you buy her book, a portion of the proceeds will go toward building a cafeteria in Africa that feeds over 1,200 students who walk 5-6 miles every day to attend school.*

In today’s episode, Tererai and I spoke about:

  • Her life story and how she kept hope alive during immense difficulty
  • The universal power of belief
  • What she describes as: “The Great Hunger” that fuels her passion to achieve her dreams
  • How she was able to step into her voice and the power of storytelling
  • Her ULTIMATE dream

Here is my conversation “Dream Big” with the incredibly inspiring and powerful: Dr. Tererai Trent.


*You can choose to buy two copies and gift one to girls in Tererai’s Community and Afar! If you’d like to gift a book to Tererai’s girls, please autograph the copy and send to C/O Dr. Trent PO Box 2206 Salinas, CA 93901. Thank you!

Esther Perel – The Fluidity of Desire

Esther Perel Podcast Cover

Today my guest is Esther Perel.  A native of Belgian, fluent in nine languages, and a penetrating observer of the social and cultural patterns shaping our relationships, Esther is a practicing psychotherapist and organizational consultant to Fortune 500 companies. Her 2013 TED talk, “The Secret to Desire in a Long-Term Relationship,” attracted more than a million views in the first month after its release. Her second TED Talk, “Rethinking Infidelity: A talk for Anyone Who Has Ever Loved”, was equally well-received and has over 3 million views since its release in May of this year. Combined, her TED talks have received approx. 10 million views! Esther Perel will be a featured presenter at the 2015 Emerging Women Live Conference October 8-11th in San Francisco, CA.

In today’s episode, Esther and I spoke about:

  • Her definition of desire; the importance of owning desire and how to connect to our own desires
  • Women are socialized for connection and the associated vulnerability of the inability to connect to self
  • Experiencing freedom from perfection without the guilt
  • Imagination complementing reality in relationships
  • What women can hold onto for stability in the ever increasingly gender-fluid era.

Here is my ‘juicy’ conversation The Fluidity of Desire with the insightful and practical: Esther Perel.

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Guru Jagat – A Technology of Aliveness

Guru Jagat Podcast Cover

Today my guest is Guru Jagat. Deemed the modern face of Kundalini Yoga, Guru Jagat brings a fresh perspective to this ancient practice. Guru Jagat is founder of RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology, a premier yoga school with locations in Venice CA, Boulder CO, and La Jolla CA offering classes, workshops and group cleanses. She launched RA MA TV, a new virtual media platform that makes Kundalini Yoga and yogic lifestyle accessible to people all over the world, as well as the indie yoga music label RA MA Records with a mission to trailblaze a new genre of music for mass consumption-in and out of the yoga space, on the dance floor, radio and beyond.  Guru Jagat will be a featured presenter at the 2015 Emerging Women Live Conference October 8-11th in San Francisco, CA.

In today’s episode, Guru Jagat and I spoke about:

  • The story behind her name and what exactly she means by Kundalini
  • Why her spiritual technology is so great for women and why Kundalini is
  • Why she has brought business into Kundalini Practice
  • How women are hardwired to make a difference in the world
  • Waking up every day with a conscious decision of how you are going to live that day

Here is my conversation “The Technology of Aliveness” with the powerful and energetic: Guru Jagat.

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Kelly McGonigal – The Upside of Stress

DrKellyMcGonigal (2)

Today my guest is Dr. Kelly McGonigal. Kelly is a health psychologist and award-winning lecturer at Stanford University. A leading expert on the mind-body relationship, her work integrates the latest findings of psychology, neuroscience and medicine with contemplative practices of mindfulness and compassion from the traditions of Buddhism and yoga. She is the author of The Upside of Stress: Why Stress Is Good For You, And How To Get Good At It, where she highlights new research indicating that stress can, in fact, make us stronger, smarter, and happier—if we learn how to embrace it.

In today’s episode, Kelly and I spoke about:

  • Her definition of stress and how it can actually be a benefit
  • The research surrounding stress and the idea of transforming stress instead of reducing it
  • Examples of how to transform the way we think about stress
  • Embracing the ‘Flow State’
  • How our culture of fear of discomfort holds us back.

Here is my conversation “The Upside of Stress” with the intelligent and revolutionary: Kelly McGonigal.

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