Tara Sophia Mohr

Tara Mohr is an expert on women’s leadership and well-being. Her work helps women play bigger in their work and in their lives.  With an MBA from Stanford University and her undergraduate degree in English literature from Yale, Tara takes a unique approach that blends inner work with practical skills training, and weaves together both intellectual rigor and intuitive wisdom.

Tara has a deep commitment to amplifying women’s voices. She is the creator of the global Playing Big leadership program for women and the co-creator of two anthologies of contemporary women’s writings, The Women’s Seder Sourcebook and The Women’s Passover Companion. Her 10 Rules for Brilliant Women have struck a chord with tens of thousands of women around the world.

In 2010, Tara was honored as a Girl Champion by the Girl Effect organization, which supports girls’ education in the developing world.  Tara is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and has been featured on The Today Show,, Whole Living,, USA Today, the International Business Times, Ode Magazine, Forbes, Beliefnet, and numerous other media outlets. She is also a poet, and the author of The Real Life: Poems for Wise Living.

Tune in to Tara’s expert advice for brilliant women with Power Practice #09: When You Don’t Feel Ready and the Grace and Fire podcast Playing Big: The Work of Our Time.

Keynote: Playing Big

Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message

Every day, leadership coach Tara Mohr empowers women to find the right careers, to experience more everyday joy, and to transform the institutions and communities they are part of by bringing their wisdom, perspectives, and solutions to the fore. And with this in-the-trenches view of women’s biggest life and career challenges and dreams, she’s seen a pattern emerge, a problem she describes as women “playing small.” Women are sitting on their big ideas rather than sharing them, holding back their most provocative questions instead of asking them. They are having a collective hallucination that they aren’t “ready” for that bigger role or next step. Based on her forthcoming book Playing Big, this presentation will help you learn to trust your instincts, quiet self-doubt, identify your callings, “unhook” from praise and criticism, and begin taking bold and wise action. When women play big, we change the world.